Our Process and Why it works

At White + Joyal Creative,

we provide much more than video production. We produce a full, end-to-end process that ensures measurable, impactful video marketing for your company. The art of persuasive storytelling gets clients and their customers on the same wavelength, but achieving it requires a skillful, nuanced approach. Our clients come to White + Joyal to move their customers to experience their product or service in a new way, and we do just that.

Now, you may be thinking, “Yeah, I’ve heard something like that before...” but here’s why we’re different.

Our strategy begins with an eye on the results: what are they and how can we quantify them? From day one, we’ll use our professional experience to provide the best insights for your marketing campaigns, not just in how to create them—and do so affordably—but also how to make them perform effectively thanks to our certified experts in Google Adwords and Paid Search for social media, among others.

It all starts with a great video,

and the reason for that is simple. More than any other medium, video has the power to shift a viewer’s emotional state. A moved viewer becomes a dedicated customer who’s suddenly invested in your product or service. It’s as easy as that. Creating a thoughtful, affecting video, however, is only the first part of the equation. You also need experts who can convert those customers by knowing which platforms, demographics, and audiences are worth marketing to.

To better understand our audience we used an A/B split test

and ran two different versions of a similar film, above, for Halyard Brewing Co. We used different opening shots and different copy to test what would resonant best for our audience. We found that opening with a drone shot of the harbor and the copy “Craft Brewed for the Seaworthy” gave us a clear winner and we have since used those shots and that copy throughout our content strategy.

At White + Joyal Creative, our process relies on four simple steps:

  1. Discovery: We dive deep into your company’s ethos and get to know your customer base.

  2. Concept: We use the detailed data we collect from you and your customers to develop a video story that drives buying decisions.

  3. Production: We produce pieces that have an impact. Our videos drive metrics, from e-commerce conversions to quantifiable audience growth. What’s more, we use data to drive our production decisions.

  4. Marketing: Video is only successful if it's being seen, but views are just the start.

Want to learn more?

Taking that first step in your business can feel like a huge challenge, but there are always people you can turn to for support. The internet is full of webinar information and plenty of free advice, but many people discover that, eventually, they could use a dedicated team of experts.

If you find yourself in that position, sign up for a free, 20-minute consultation with White + Joyal Creative today!

We’d love to help you get started, but we might just be the expert team you need to move your company to that next level—and keep right on going.